Three friends, separated by hundreds and even thousands of miles, shared one passion: the ocean. Line & Leather evolved from that love. Nothing makes us quite as happy as spending a day sailing on the crystal clear Pacific, sitting on Miami beach watching the waves roll in, or diving in the warm aquamarine of the Bahamas. The ocean is our home and we return to it every chance we get. But there are times when jobs, loved ones, or adventures pull us away from the salty sea air. We wanted to find a way to always remind ourselves of the ocean.

Line & Leather blends our love of the sea with a token reminder of our single passion imbued with an edge of sophistication. The anchor, symbolic for hope and stability, serves as the foundation of our collection and the symbol that fully embodies our love of the ocean – and our hope to always return.

We invite you to embrace your passion with us and anchor your style to sophistication.