Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I wrap and attach my bracelet? And how do I fit it to my wrist?

A: Here’s a video to help you out:


Q: My best friend and I ordered the same bracelet, but they look a little different. Is something wrong?

A: No, not at all! Because our pieces are hand cut, hand assembled, and hand dipped there will be variances in the length of leather and paracord, as well as the shape and polish of the anchors. The differences are a guarantee that your product was individually crafted. Love the differences because they tell a story and create a look that is all your own!


Q: Will water ruin the paracord or cause the colors to bleed?

A: No, the paracord is nylon and is dyed with a permanent, colorfast dye that will not bleed.  Water will not damage the paracord itself, either.


Q: It seems that the leather on the bracelet I bought is stretching.  Is that normal?

A: Yes. All leather stretches, which is a normal occurrence.  The bicast and bonded leather used for our bracelets will stretch, but it will stretch to the point where it stops.


Q: Can I send an item to another address as a gift?

A:  Absolutely!  Just make sure your mailing address is the address you would like to send it to.  This will, of course, be different than your billing address.


Q: Do you accept PayPal, cash, check, or money orders?

A: No, we do not currently accept any other form of payment aside from credit and debit cards for online transactions. The cards we accept include Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover.


Q: I have a couple coupon codes, but the system won’t let me enter them all. Why?

A: To help keep our prices affordable we only allow one coupon per order. However, if you would like to donate your discount to either cancer research or Wounded/Disabled Veterans, do not enter the coupon code at checkout. Instead, put the discount code in the notes section below your address when checking out, and let us know which organization you would like it donated to. Simply put Cancer or Veterans. We will then donate what would have been your discount to the appropriate organization. For questions, please contact us.